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As a job partner, you have signed up to significantly impact the life of a young person. You will spend the next nine months supervising and guiding a young person in the professional realm. You will serve as a bridge between your intern and an experience they would otherwise not have access to if not for you.

  • DC mentors leave a particularly strong impression according to internal evaluations of all four Urban Alliance regional programs.
    94 percent of DC interns hope to stay in touch with their mentor (compared to 88 percent nationally)
  • DC interns rated their mentor’s consistency the highest (4.57 out of 5)
  • DC interns also rated their mentors’ help towards their professional goals the highest of all our regions (4.32 out of 5)

As we begin a new program year, we thank you for committing to mentor a young person from the District. We wish you a rewarding year and thank you for all you do for your organization and community.

Learn more about the benefits of being an Urban Alliance mentor.