Curriculum Outreach

Career development in the community

Urban Alliance’s Curriculum Outreach Program was created to serve youth who are unable to participate in our traditional High School Internship Program but would still benefit from early workforce readiness training. Through curriculum outreach, Urban Alliance trains young people ages 14-24, both in-school and disconnected from either school or work. The disconnected population we serve includes youth transitioning from juvenile detention to youth working toward a GED and self-sufficiency. These job and life skills training workshops have been delivered to more than 18,000 youth throughout Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL; Northern Virginia; and Detroit. Since 2011, our Curriculum Outreach Program has grown to reach over 2,500 youth each year.

Preparing for the world of work

  • Our curriculum is hands-on and interactive. Topics include:
    • Basic work skills: punctuality, attendance, professional attire, business ethics, time management, taking initiative
    • Communications: professional phone and writing skills, workplace communication, conflict resolution
    • Job attainment skills: resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, career exploration, effective job search
    • Financial literacy: banking, savings & checking; budgeting & savings, daily expense planning,  understanding credit

How it works

  • We provide our curriculum upon request to organizations and tailor it to their needs. It can be designed in a number of ways:
    • 60 or 90-minute standalone sessions
    • Half or full-day training
    • Multiple-day training

For more information about Urban Alliance’s Curriculum Outreach Program, please contact Katie Graul, Director of Workforce Initiatives, at