Alumni Spotlight: Mbachur Mbenga

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Mbachur Mbenga ’11

The Alumni Services department is fortunate to serve wonderful Alumni with various backgrounds and career…  Read More

Artemis Real Estate Partners

Interview with Deborah Harmon, Co-Founder and CEO of Artemis Real Estate Partners, LLC

“Change starts one person at a time. It is our responsibility as business leaders to be an asset in the communities where we live and work. We partner with organizations like Urban Alliance to provide exposure, training and mentoring opportunities to talented students traditionally under-represented in the real estate industry.”  Read More

Assima Egbame, DC 2014

Assima Egbame participated in the Urban Alliance High School Internship Program as a senior at Coolidge Senior High School.  From the very beginning…  Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Raul Alvarenga

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Raul Alvarenga’09

Urban Alliance is honored to provide young people with the skills necessary to be successful both…  Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Theodore Stewart

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Theodore Stewart ’11

Can you believe that there are over 1200 DC Alumni, and over 100 Baltimore Alumni? The numbers…  Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Theodore Stewart '11

Theodore Stewart ’11 is one of many Baltimore Urban Alliance Alumni who balances a full-time course load and a work-study job on campus.  Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Lori-Ann McKenzie-Henry

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Lori-Ann McKenzie-Henry ’07

Margaret Murray Washington Career Senior High School and UA alumna Lori-Ann McKenzie-Henry ‘07 had a…  Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Jasmine Gray


Many Interns initially complain about menial tasks like filing or database entry tasks, but DC UA…  Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Reggie Tarver II

Elizabeth City State University, UA Class of ‘09

Interned at Corporate Executive Board  Read More

Idalia Zavala-Mejia, DC 2018

Idalia Zavala-Mejia’s plans for the future radically changed after joining Urban Alliance. She never saw herself attending college, but now wants to…  Read More

Khadijah Gikeneh, DC 2018

Khadijah Gikeneh grew up east of the Anacostia River, a traditionally underserved part of Washington, DC, and experienced a traumatic childhood marked…  Read More

Dejuan Johnson, Montgomery County 2018

Before finding Urban Alliance, Dejuan Johnson, an ambitious and driven young man, encountered mostly closed doors. “Before this program, I was…  Read More

Denardo Worthy, DC 2019

“Urban Alliance meant another family for me,” said Denardo. “There’s a lot of people out there that don’t have [any]one to look up to,” Denardo said, but Urban Alliance “gives you a paid internship, it gives you a mentor, someone to look up to, talk to, or just someone there to be there for you … It helps me feel not alone. It helps me feel that that no matter what somebody is always watching me, rooting for me, shouting for me.”  Read More

Jeovanny Diaz, Northern Virginia 2020

TC Williams High School senior Jeovanny Diaz said that before joining Urban Alliance, he had been “struggling a lot,” but this program gave him…  Read More

From Students to Staff: How Two Alumni Give Back

When Urban Alliance students graduate, they’re never really leaving the program. The door is always open for whatever support or guidance is needed.…  Read More