Alexandria Renew

Interview with Karen Pallansch, CEO, and Johnnie Wallace, Environmental Health and Safety Manager

“If you are on company or nonprofit boards, if you work for an organization that doesn’t have Urban Alliance interns, please talk up this amazing and impactful intern program or ask your organization to provide internships or resources to Urban Alliance.”  Read More

Virginia Hospital Center

Interview with Robin Norman, SVP and CFO, about Virginia Hospital Center’s partnership with Urban Alliance.

“The Urban Alliance interns were well prepared and quick learners. The training they received allowed them to perform quality work with very little intervention. Before we knew it, they were able to take on more tasks and work more independently, which is not always the case with High School interns.”  Read More

Mariyamawit (Mariyam) Shiferaw, Northern Virginia 2018

2018 Northern Virginia intern Mariyamawit (Mariyam) Shiferaw wants to work in the fashion industry after college.

“She’s focused; she’s…  Read More

Glenda Flores, Northern Virginia 2017

Glenda Flores has always wanted to be a pediatrician, but when she shared that goal with her school counselor, she was told it wasn’t a realistic…  Read More

Blanca Zelaya, Northern Virginia 2018

Blanca Zelaya was eating lunch in her high school cafeteria when she overheard an Urban Alliance (UA) staff member telling her friend about the…  Read More

Eva Mercado, Northern Virginia 2018

Before joining Urban Alliance, Eva Mercado worked alongside her entire family at night in a newspaper warehouse that “lacked ventilation, was…  Read More

Rene Santos, Northern Virginia 2018

Rene Santos was confused. He was all over the place. He didn’t know what his future would hold. Then he found Urban Alliance.

“Before that I…  Read More

Debby Jaldin, Northern Virginia 2018

When Debby Jaldin and her mother used to pass by Virginia Tech’s campus, they would joke about how she wanted to go there one day. That day came…  Read More

Valeria Belmonte - Northern Virginia 2018

In high school, Valeria Belmonte was mostly focused on working. She had a job at Chipotle, and didn’t really see herself going on to college. So…  Read More

Bloomberg BNA

Interview with Demedre Heulett, Corporate Counsel/
Equal Employment Opportunity Manager, about Bloomberg BNA's partnership with Urban Alliance

“Partnering with Urban Alliance is a great opportunity to mentor and guide students as they think about their future while providing Bloomberg BNA the ability to be active in the local community.”  Read More