Stephon Walker, Chicago 2017

A DeVry University Success Story - "People are always here to help me."

Like many young people, Stephon Walker approached his senior year of high school with a mix of excitement and uncertainty. For him, graduation would…  Read More

Elisabethe Ocon Calderon, Chicago 2013

In 2012, Elisabethe Calderon made a decision that transformed her senior year of high school and shaped her plans for the future. She attended an…  Read More


When DigitasLBi decided to partner with Urban Alliance in 2012, it wanted to drive the company’s passion for supporting the growth and community in which their Chicago office was located in.

However, it quickly realized that partnering with Urban Alliance also fostered an internal culture of inclusion, and helped DigitasLBi hire a diverse workforce that brought in new, fresh perspectives allowing them to better serve their clients.   Read More

Makiah Watson, Chicago 2018

Makiah Watson always loved school, from pencils and pens to textbooks and even homework. She dreamed of becoming a teacher. but felt
unprepared for a…  Read More

Jasmine Love - Chicago 2019

Jasmine Love was excited for her first professional experience with Urban Alliance. “I’m from the South Side of Chicago,” she said. “When you…  Read More