Success Stories

On the path to self-sufficiency and beyond,
our job partners and alumni share their success.



Obama Youth Jobs Corps

A Life-Changing Opportunity

“Part of the goal of this program is to expose you to what’s possible…Everybody here has already shown extraordinary talent and initiative. All of you all are focused in a way that I can’t say I necessarily was when I was your age. So you guys are already ahead of the game…Part of what we want you guys to all feel is the confidence to know that none of this stuff is beyond your capacities. We want you to feel that in your gut, that there is nothing you can’t figure out. And so if this program helped anything, it is for you guys to figure out that.” – President Barack Obama

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Stephon Walker, Chicago 2017

A DeVry University Success Story - "People are always here to help me."

Like many young people, Stephon Walker approached his senior year of high school with a mix of excitement and uncertainty. For him, graduation would…

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Virginia Hospital Center

Interview with Robin Norman, SVP and CFO, about Virginia Hospital Center’s partnership with Urban Alliance.

“The Urban Alliance interns were well prepared and quick learners. The training they received allowed them to perform quality work with very little intervention. Before we knew it, they were able to take on more tasks and work more independently, which is not always the case with High School interns.”

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When DigitasLBi decided to partner with Urban Alliance in 2012, it wanted to drive the company’s passion for supporting the growth and community in which their Chicago office was located in.

However, it quickly realized that partnering with Urban Alliance also fostered an internal culture of inclusion, and helped DigitasLBi hire a diverse workforce that brought in new, fresh perspectives allowing them to better serve their clients.

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Bloomberg BNA

Interview with Demedre Heulett, Corporate Counsel/ Equal Employment Opportunity Manager, about Bloomberg BNA's partnership with Urban Alliance

“Partnering with Urban Alliance is a great opportunity to mentor and guide students as they think about their future while providing Bloomberg BNA the ability to be active in the local community.”

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Alexandria Renew

Interview with Karen Pallansch, CEO, and Johnnie Wallace, Environmental Health and Safety Manager

“If you are on company or nonprofit boards, if you work for an organization that doesn’t have Urban Alliance interns, please talk up this amazing and impactful intern program or ask your organization to provide internships or resources to Urban Alliance.”

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Greater DC Region

Artemis Real Estate Partners

Interview with Deborah Harmon, Co-Founder and CEO of Artemis Real Estate Partners, LLC

“Change starts one person at a time. It is our responsibility as business leaders to be an asset in the communities where we live and work. We partner with organizations like Urban Alliance to provide exposure, training and mentoring opportunities to talented students traditionally under-represented in the real estate industry.”

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