Detroit: Celebrating our Interns of the Week

Jhamir Price, Quicken Loans Community Fund

Jhamir consistently pushes himself and his peers to excel in the classroom and at their work sites. He professionally engages with community leaders and actively supports his colleagues to ensure positive results. His mentor Lauren Wright said: “Jhamir has already been an incredible addition to our team; he is eager to learn, willing to share his perspective, and has a passion for giving back. He constantly thinks of how he can help and engage others. Our team is confident Jhamir will be a valuable asset to the Quicken Loans Community Fund over the next year and we are excited to see his growth.”


Kenya Dean, Quicken Loans Client Relations

Kenya is a superstar! Urban Alliance staff has taken note of the incredible effort Kenya has made to continuously improve. From perfecting her attendance at school to increasing her communication to build strong and effective habits, Kenya has impressed us beyond measure. We can’t wait to see what Kenya accomplishes in the months ahead. “Pamela [Kenya’s mentor] and I agree that Kenya is hard working and dedicated. She is willing to step outside of her comfort zone and push herself to improve. Even when she was absent for a few days [she jumped right back into] the swing of things.” – Yvonne Yarbrough, Quicken Loans Client Relations


Deshawn Durr, Bank of America

Deshawn has been putting his best foot forward since day one. From his willingness to work with and build friendships with others around him, to his near-perfect attendance and punctuality, we’ve been proud to watch him learn and grow over the past few months. Deshawn was the first of six interns at Bank of America in Detroit to complete his training series and experience being out “on the floor” interacting with clients and educating them about mobile banking capabilities. “[I have been] very impressed with Deshawn from day one. He is quick to pick up new processes and is always helping his fellow interns. His future is bright and I see no ceiling on what his future has in store for him.” – Gregory Horvath, Bank of America


Michael Howard, Rock Connections

Michael has been an absolute pleasure to work with this year. From his genuine care for others around him to his passionate drive for success, Michael has continued to impress as a committed, mature, and prepared intern. Before the holiday break, Michael was presented with an award from the A-Team at Rock Connections for generating the highest success rate with call transfers among the entire cohort of nine Urban Alliance-Rock Connections interns. We’re so proud of Michael for striving for success and continuing to motivate those around him.


Damia Lewis, Quicken Loans Government Relations

Damia sets herself apart from the crowd day in and day out through her high level of maturity, kindness, and professionalism. Damia is currently working on developing lesson plans for the Urban Alliance classroom related to proper workplace etiquette while also working with her team on vetting sponsorship opportunities for Quicken Loans. “It has been an absolute joy to work with Damia! She has a high level of awareness, is always engaged, goal oriented and completes every task with minimal supervision. Damia has been a great addition to the Government Affairs team and we all enjoy having her.” – Jason Headen, Quicken Loans Government Relations.


Dana Henson, Quicken Loans Client Relations

Since day one, Dana has been a leader in the classroom. She is constantly going above and beyond, providing her peers with guidance and a helping hand. “Dana always comes in with a smile on her face and ready for whatever is going on that day. She has been awesome assisting our guests at our Welcome Desks and asks great questions when shadowing other areas of the business… She’s always willing and ready to learn, and is very self-aware when it comes to her strengths and her opportunities for growth. This is an awesome skill to have!” – Pamela McGinnis, Quicken Loans Client Relations


Shanyra Jones, Quicken Loans FOCUS

When an intern unexpectedly had to leave the program just before starting his internship, Shanyra immediately stepped in to take her spot in the Urban Alliance program. Within just a few weeks, Shanyra made arrangements to adjust her class schedule accordingly, signed up to go through an expedited pre-employment training, and got herself up to speed in no time at all! The Urban Alliance Program team has been in awe of Shanyra’s positive attitude and willingness to jump right in from the start. As her first week draws to a close, we’re proud to say she has presented herself as an exemplary intern.


Tacara Berry, Rock Connections

Tacara has stood out in class since day one, blowing us away with her high level of maturity, consistent positive attitude, and incredible focus. “One of our first days on the phones, Tacara had a very tough call — one that even some of my veteran team members wouldn’t have been able to handle. Tacara did her best, got through it and was ready to move on and keep plugging away right after. It showed tremendous maturity and character. We are very lucky to have Tacara with us, and I can tell she has a very bright future ahead [of her].” – Rachel Terryah, Rock Connections