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Shape and invest in the future by supporting the Urban Alliance High School Internship Program.


The return on investment for our team is undeniable. We’re working with Urban Alliance to give students with great promise a great future. This partnership is a win-win-win, for the interns, your organization, and our community.

  • Karen Pallansch, CEO of Alexandria Renew Enterprises

Change a Life. Mentor a Student.

Why Become a Job Partner?


Build A Talent Pipeline

Hosting a high school intern allows you to observe how much potential a young person has while concurrently developing their skills. You can evaluate skills and work ethic while helping to build company loyalty for your future employees. The program allows you to invest in a young person, your community, and your business all at once.


Gain A New Perspective

Each successive generation brings a new perspective to the workplace, your company, and your customers. Our high school interns participate in a robust professional skills training curriculum that fosters critical thinking and soft skills.  Urban Alliance interns are curious about how your business works.  You have a lot to teach them, and in turn, their perspective can help your company evolve.


Impact Your Community

Beyond the economic and productivity benefits to your business, investing in Urban Alliance interns offers significant return on investment for your community.  A participating business extends social good beyond its own interest, resulting in a positive impact on the community, customers, employees, and the environment. This impact is realized by improved academic success, substantially higher college enrollment, and dramatically increased prospects for young people’s long-term employment.

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