Volunteer with Urban Alliance

Can’t host an intern yet? Urban Alliance also offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for community members eager to support the personal and professional development of youth across our Baltimore, Chicago, Northern Virginia, Detroit and Washington, DC regions. Volunteer opportunities vary across regions and range from single-day engagements to pro bono projects for groups or individuals. Learn more below about how volunteering your time and skills can help our interns learn and grow throughout the year.


College Essay Day

Each fall, Urban Alliance invites community members to College Essay Day to provide one-on-one guidance to current interns as they write and edit personal essays for college and scholarship applications. 

Time commitment: 2 hours


Career Panels

Throughout the program year, professionals are invited to speak on career panels about their industry, personal career path, lessons learned, or specific issues within the workplace such as diversity and inclusion. In addition to learning about potential post-high school pathways, interns also gain valuable advice from local professionals and have the opportunity to build their networks. 

Time commitment: 2 hours


Networking Events

Access to local professionals is an important factor in helping our students overcome the opportunity gap. During regional networking events, students hone their communication skills, practice their elevator pitches, and begin to build professional networks – all while meeting and learning from volunteers within their community.

Time commitment: 2 hours

Mock Interviews

Urban Alliance has expanded workforce development training to students throughout their high school experience. In preparation for UA’s senior-year High School Internship Program, as well as any additional employment opportunities, students participate in mock interviews with members of the community during their junior year, pinpointing strengths and areas of growth to improve future interviews.

Time commitment: 2 hours


Public Speaking Challenge

During Urban Alliance’s annual culminating event, community volunteers  support and commend our interns by serving as guest judges for their final 5-7 minute public speaking presentations, helping interns to further hone their communication skills, learn how to present their UA experience to future employers, and celebrate all that they have accomplished during their time in the program.

Time Commitment: 3 hours

Alumni Professional Development

Urban Alliance does not end after high school. Alumni teams in each region offer lifelong support to youth, including additional professional development workshops in the summer months on topics ranging from networking, to interviewing, resume-building, building a personal brand, filing taxes, social media, and much more. Volunteers are needed at workshops across regions to support alumni in their ongoing professional development.

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours

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