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Urban Alliance is building a diverse next-generation workforce by providing job skills training, mentoring, and paid internships to high school youth from under-resourced communities, predominantly youth of color. ​

Welcoming Our New CEO Elizabeth Lindsey
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How Urban Alliance Quickly Pivoted to Virtual Programming

Learn how UA reimagined our High School Internship Program to ensure that Black and Brown continue to have access to economic opportunity during COVID-19.

Urban Alliance's new brief explores the economic impact of COVID-19 on youth, the ripple effects of youth employment across communities, and how employers can ensure that today's students can successfully transition into tomorrow's workforce, even during a pandemic that has seen record youth unemployment and disconnection rates.

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More Than Just Pocket Money
2019-2020 Yearbook

Hear how Urban Alliance students persevered through a year of disruptions in first-ever interactive, online annual report.

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Urban Alliance believes that all young people deserve equal access to the skills training, paid work experiences, and professional networks needed to achieve economic mobility.

In partnership with over 200 employers, we level the playing field for young people in the workforce by equipping them with the tools to overcome the systemic barriers that prevent equal access to economic opportunity. 

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Program Spotlights

Denardo Worthy, DC 2019

“Urban Alliance meant another family for me,” said Denardo. “There’s a lot of people out there that don’t have [any]one to look up to,” Denardo said, but Urban Alliance “gives you a paid internship, it gives you a mentor, someone to look up to, talk to, or just someone there to be there for you … It helps me feel not alone. It helps me feel that that no matter what somebody is always watching me, rooting for me, shouting for me.”  Read More

Obama Youth Jobs Corps

A Life-Changing Opportunity

“Part of the goal of this program is to expose you to what’s possible…Everybody here has already shown extraordinary talent and initiative. All of you all are focused in a way that I can’t say I necessarily was when I was your age. So you guys are already ahead of the game…Part of what we want you guys to all feel is the confidence to know that none of this stuff is beyond your capacities. We want you to feel that in your gut, that there is nothing you can’t figure out. And so if this program helped anything, it is for you guys to figure out that.” – President Barack Obama  Read More

We're Just Getting Started

We've Placed Over 6,000 Students in Professional Internships and Trained More than 21,000 in Workforce Skills


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